July 3rd, 2012

How do you say Yippee! in Korean?

I’m thrilled to announce that my picture book, The Pirate and the Penguin is now in Korean!! It’s being published by the company Korea Schweitzer. Yippee! I was so thrilled when I received my copy in the mail that I ran down the street to our corner store, which is run by a very friendly Korean couple. I’ve never really been able to communicate very well with the wife who works at the cash most of the time, because her English is so limited. And of course, my Korean is non-existent. But we like each other (and she adores my husband), so our greetings are always enjoyable. But this time, it was a little bit different, a little bit magical. I showed her my book, and standing there in the tiny store, she read my story, laughed and chattered in Korean, trying to explain to me what the words meant, and at the same time, overjoyed that I had written and illustrated this book. Now she knows a little bit more about me, I know that she likes pirates and penguins, and once again I am reminded of the beauty of connecting through the marvelous world of books.

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