November 8th, 2012

The Important Thing About November is…that’s it’s Picture Book Month!

It’s still November, and it’s still Picture Book Month. And that’s important! You know what else is important? The Important Book, written by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Leonard Weisgard. I never read this book as a kid, and I confess that when I discovered it a couple years ago, the book kinda freaked me out.

I found Leonard Weisgard’s art to be strange and a wee bit scary, and though I loved the gentle simplicity of MWB’s writing, my first thoughts were, “Well, duh – of course the important thing about rain is that it is wet! And really – there are lots of important things about rain, not just that it is wet!” But the more I read it, the more it grew on me. The Important Book is a unique and fascinating way to introduce a child to the many delightful sights and senses of the world.

It’s easy to forget as an adult that kids are new to the planet, and need a little help along the way. That’s pretty important.

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