November 12th, 2012

Life Story

“And, now it is your life story and it is you who play the leading role. The stage is set. The time is now. In the place, wherever you are. Each passing second, a new link in the endless chain of time. The drama of life is a continuous story. Ever new, ever changing and ever wondrous to behold.”

– from Life Story, written and illustrated by Virginia Lee Burton.

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  • Dion says:

    不懂妳的意思….Speaking of 2nd language users, it is etcxpeed for them to make grammatical error(s)…each language has its distinctive pronunciation and gramma, so what do u expect? ‘course there’re languages that are very similiar or come from the same root, say, e.g. portugese and spanish; then? no one will mistake one from the other.language is a tool, as long as one can express him/herself clearly, that’s more than enough. if u don’t believe me, try listen to Mandiba’s speech… all i can say is: what the ……my highschool eng. teacher told me: C.J., your problem is that you always treat eng. as second language, but u r living in an english county now…think about it ^^

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