April 11th, 2013

Snow Job!!

So it’s April 11th, and guess what – this morning it snowed. I didn’t really mind. I had to pop out of the house in the early hours to meet with a lovely person and at that point it was raining ice, so I figure the snow I encountered on the way home was an improvement.

To celebrate this crazy weather day (because honestly – what good does complaining do?) I am posting some wonderful drawings given to me in January of this year when I did a snow-themed presentation at the Richmond Hill Public Library. I had been telling the kids about my recently illustrated book Snowy Science, so I thought it might be fun for them to illustrate a kooky snowy science story about an evil scientist named Professor Zamboni who creates a monster snowman whom he hopes will take over the world. Unfortunately for evil Professor Zamboni, the snowman (named Dave) is really a nice guy, who just wants to sell ice cream and then retire to Florida to melt.


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  • marta says:

    I love these drawings from the kids. There is something so “freeing” about them.Their imaginations are running wild. 🙂

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