April 26th, 2013

Cover Connections


I had to share this. Recently I noticed that the typeface for my new picture book, NEVER LET YOU GO, was very similar to the typeface of the cartoon book I did a few years ago, YOU’RE MY GUY BECAUSE. Now upon close inspection I can see that they are slightly different – the type for YOU’RE MY GUY BECAUSE is narrower and stretched out, but I suspect they come from the same typeface family, Mirielle.

So how cool is that? Two different designers pick very similar typefaces for my book covers. What does this mean? Well, I’d like to think that it means both designers were insightful enough to connect the right kind of type with the ‘heart’ of the book. Here’s a description of Mirielle: Mirielle is curvy yet angular at the same time. Whimsical yet orderly. As with all Typadelic fonts, this script typeface is unique and original, with a playful twist.

I’d like to think of myself as ‘whimsical yet orderly’. Heh.

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