O Solo Mio!

What’s not to love about a singing rat?


It is possible for naked mole rats to be cute.

Winter is Fun! Really!

Woot! The December issue of Chirp is all about Winter Fun! Now I’ve said this before, and yes, I’m gonna say it again – I don’t care for winter sports. I don’t play hockey, can’t ski or skate, and I’m not a fan of tobogganing. Can’t do the luge, either, I’m afraid. But in spite of my sporty limitations, I love winter! So bring on the snow, baby! I’m ready to sit inside a warm cosy house & drink coffee and gaze out the window! Ain’t that sporty?

One more, but no monster in sight…

Cute, contrite children. Why are they contrite? Could it have something to do with a cute monster? Who is Lucy? Bwa ha ha ha ha…


Here’s a little bit of some new stuff I’ve been working on lately. And no, you don’t get to see the monster. Not yet, anyway. But I can assure you, she is uber cute. Don’t trust this crazy guy.

Weeeee!!! Chirp on Wheeeeeels!

Yes, I know that’s not how you actually spell the word wheels. But I just got so excited, I just had to throw in a few extra eeeeee’s! Weeee! Yup, the November issue of Chirp is all about wheels. I’m too nervous to ride my bike in the city, but I love watching kids having fun on skateboards, and riding their brand new bicycles. In fact, every now and then, I see a guy in my neighbourhood come out and ride on his unicycle! I wonder if he ever shouts out loud as  he’s riding, “Weeeeeeeeee!!!”

People…People Who Draw People…

…are the luckiest people in the world! Dontchya think?

Fairy Tales Can Come True!

..well, at least they can in Chirp-Land! I was a naughty blogger, and didn’t post this cover sooner – eeep! Anyway, October’s Chirp is all about Fairy Tales! So do you think Chirp will kiss the little purple froggy? That froggy sure looks like he’d like a kiss. But he ain’t gettin’ one from me!

Dance, Hamster, Dance!


A hamster! Dancing with cute kids! Weeee!!

I’ll Second that Emotion

I took a rather extended blogging break, but I’m back! And I thought I’d share a doodle. Lately I’ve been thinking about how cartooning styles are so different depending upon the person drawing them – some cartoons are really tight in their lines and expression, and others, well, are kinda wild and crazy. Me, I’m a very emotional person, and it obviously shows in my drawing. Being very emotional is not necessarily always a good thing, but at least I’m able to express emotions in my art. Now if I could just try and control my emotions in my ‘real’ life…

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