Chirp, Chirp!

Eeep! I’ve been a bad blogger. I didn’t post the May issue of Chirp! And now June is approaching, so I’m gonna have to double-up on Chirp, I guess.


May’s Chirp was all about Fun on the Farm!! And the strip inside is one of my faves. It involves pigs & kissing! Hee hee.


And June’s Chirp is all about Boats! Wee eee!!! Don’t you think Chirp looks a bit like Captain Stubing from The Love Boat?

Chirp Can Weather the Storm!


Eeep! I’m a naughty girl. I neglected to post the Chirp cover for April! Yes, this month’s issue is all about weather! And yes, it’s raining on the cover. I had considered posting this cover yesterday, but yesterday was nice & relatively sunny, so I didn’t want to tempt fate. I figure since it’s raining today, nobody will get mad at me. And as much as you don’t like the rain, well – it brings those lovely May flowers!

Art Attack!


Woot! The Chirp March issue is all about one of my FAVOURITE subjects – ART!! It’s a wonderful feeling, to be able to create, and even more wonderful if you are able to share your art, and even MORE wonderful, if you can make people laugh!

And don’t Chirp & Sparky look adorable in their fancy French berets? C’est very fun!

Chirp in China!

Woo hoo! Check this out! There is now a Chinese edition of Chirp! Is that cool or what? Now I have no idea how to say ‘Chirp’ in Chinese, but I do know that their version of the magazine is called Baby Box. And here’s a sample of the actual strip. Ooooo! This is just so amazing!

So who knows where Chirp will travel next! Japan? India? Timbuktu? I hope so!

New Year, Beautiful Chirp Body!

Happy New Year! Is it perhaps fitting that the latest Chirp issue is all about the body? So many folks make New Year’s resolutions about improving their bodies in some way – exercising, eating better, losing weight, drinking more water – all very admirable goals. But how ’bout we take a different approach? How ’bout maybe we just learn to love our bodies & souls a little better? For sure, we should all take care of this vessel that we live in – but perhaps a bit more energy investing in our spiritual side, rather than our physical side might be a good idea. I think Chirp figured this out long time ago – that’s why he’s so darn happy!

Winter is Fun! Really!

Woot! The December issue of Chirp is all about Winter Fun! Now I’ve said this before, and yes, I’m gonna say it again – I don’t care for winter sports. I don’t play hockey, can’t ski or skate, and I’m not a fan of tobogganing. Can’t do the luge, either, I’m afraid. But in spite of my sporty limitations, I love winter! So bring on the snow, baby! I’m ready to sit inside a warm cosy house & drink coffee and gaze out the window! Ain’t that sporty?

Weeeee!!! Chirp on Wheeeeeels!

Yes, I know that’s not how you actually spell the word wheels. But I just got so excited, I just had to throw in a few extra eeeeee’s! Weeee! Yup, the November issue of Chirp is all about wheels. I’m too nervous to ride my bike in the city, but I love watching kids having fun on skateboards, and riding their brand new bicycles. In fact, every now and then, I see a guy in my neighbourhood come out and ride on his unicycle! I wonder if he ever shouts out loud as  he’s riding, “Weeeeeeeeee!!!”

Fairy Tales Can Come True!

..well, at least they can in Chirp-Land! I was a naughty blogger, and didn’t post this cover sooner – eeep! Anyway, October’s Chirp is all about Fairy Tales! So do you think Chirp will kiss the little purple froggy? That froggy sure looks like he’d like a kiss. But he ain’t gettin’ one from me!

Birthday Chirp!

Woo-hoo! Did you know that this month we celebrate Chirp’s 15th birthday? That’s right! 15 years ago Chirp was born. Why, he doesn’t look a day over 14, I’m sure.

Stay tuned – hopefully there will be some fun events to celebrate his birthday coming up!

Chirp Loves Summer!

Woo-hoo! Here’s the Summer issue of Chirp! Do you like my cartoon camel? I sure do! I wasn’t sure if I could draw one of those funny-looking creatures, but I think it worked out ok.

Anyhoohow, it’s summer and yes, Chirp obviously loves this weather, as I’m sure may kids do. I liked summer well enough when I was a kid, too – it meant time to read & draw for fun, and play with friends and go up to Muskoka for our annual week vacation at a family lodge, which I always loved. But even as a kid, I wasn’t a big fan of the heat, and still preferred fall over this hot season. And now as a grumpy old adult? I’m counting the days until September comes…

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