Fly Away with Chirp!

Weeeee!! The June issue of Chirp is all about flying! Chirp looks mighty happy, up up and away in that beautiful balloon, but to be honest, if I was up there, I’d be totally freaking out!! I’m terrified of flying! But I still force myself to get into airplanes every now and then. Of course, my legs are usually shaking the whole time. Boy that Chirp sure is brave!

Chirp Gets Moving!

Are you sitting down? Well then, get off yer duff and start moving! Yup, Chirp‘s May issue is all about moving in some way – cycling, swimming, skiiing, jumping, dancing, running, surfing – the moving list is a long one, kiddo! And while you’re busy moving, don’t forget to get a copy of this issue, ‘cuz, well, the comic inside is one of my faves! (Hee hee).

Reptile Ride!

Wee! Do you think it would be fun to ride a turtle? You wouldn’t move very fast, but at least you’d get a good chance to really enjoy the scenery around you! Anyway, Chirp looks like he’s having a blast. Yes, April’s Chirp is all about reptiles! Some folks might find reptiles kinda creepy, but not me! I loved holding lizards as a kid, and even snakes never really bothered me. And what’s not to love about turtles? (the real deal, and the chocolate deal, too, mmmmm….)

Colour My Chirp World Fun!

It’s March 1st, and well, let’s face it – it’s pretty darn dreary outside. No fluffy white snow, but no luscious green grass and blooming buds, either. Just a palette of bleh. So thank goodness the March issue of Chirp is all about colour! I dunno about you, but I’d sure love to ride a rainbow right now!

Yowza! Chirp on TV!

Yowza! What fantabulous news. Chirp is going to be on TV!! You can read all about it here. The animation company working with the CBC is called Yowza (awesome name!), and the company working on the development of Chirp apps and games is called Moonray Studios. I just hope all this fame doesn’t go to Chirp’s head. It’s big enough as it is, don’t ya think?

Fly Chirp to the Moon!

Happy New Year! And what better way to ring in 2012 than having Chirp nestled on the moon with his favourite teddy bear at his side? The Jan/Feb issue of Chirp is all about that magical, mystical time of day – the night! Scary things happen at night, that’s true, but wonderful things happen, too – like stars shimmering in the night sky, big beautiful moons winking at you, and (hopefully) lots of deep delicious sleepy dreams. You might notice something different about the Chirp cover – yup, that lovely banner at the top, announcing that 2012 is the year to celebrate 15 years of Chirp!! That’s something to jump over the moon about, don’t ya think? So stay tuned for fun news in the future about Chirp’s birthday celebrations, and in the mean time, I wish you plenty of sweet dreams…

Can You Say Tobogganing Penguins 10 Times Fast?

I don’t think I could say that! But I think I might like tobogganing with those penguins and Chirp! Check out the cover for the December Chirp – Winter Fun!

It snowed today, albeit very briefly and now the snow has all melted (boo). Yup, I’m one of those crazy Canucks who love winter, even though I don’t do many winter sports. My favourite winter sport is drinking a hot coffee on my comfy couch, and reading a really good book.

What? – that isn’t a sport? Boo.


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You KNOW you want it, YES?

Who Are the People in Chirp’s ‘Hood?

Well, according to this cover, Chirp hangs with a pretty cool crowd, I would say. Yup, Chirp‘s November issue is out, and it’s all about neighbourhoods! You know, I’ve got a pretty cool neighbourhood, too. I live across from a school, so from my windows I can see lots of fun stuff going on – everything from water parties for the daycare kids to a family of loud honking geese who spend a good deal of time hanging around on the school roof. Of course I must mention the adorable Korean couple who run the local convenience store – the silent solid husband who sits on a crate out front, smoking smelly cigarettes & often peeling large bunches of garlic, nodding & smiling, looking like a somewhat dishevelled Buddha. His tiny hard-working wife is a ball of energy, always happy to see me & my husband (I’m sure she has a crush on Guy). We have a very congenial relationship, in spite of our language limitations. Although I take issue with her dying her tiny white dog pink (pink is her favourite colour – she wears it all the time), I know she loves that poor dog dearly, even it I think that love is a tad misplaced.

I truly love my neighbourhood – some might think this working-class area is not appealing, but I know that it is rich with life, diversity, nature, children, sadness and fear – you just have to look closely to see all the colour and texture.

Chirp Gets Spooky!

I figured it was about time Chirp jumped on to the vampire bandwagon, don’t you? Okay, so Chirp might not be as spooky as say, Twilight or First Blood, but I think he’s got an appealing Halloween charm. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha…

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