The Beat of a Different Drummer

Also excited to mention that I’ll be having one more NEVER LET YOU GO book launch at one of my favourite book stores, A Different Drummer in Burlington. This launch means a lot to me, because I spent a lot of time as a teen hanging out in that old Victorian House, browsing books, buying what I could afford, and playing with their cat. It was a peaceful safe haven for me, and I wish this lovely store many more years of success.


Never Let You Go Book Launch!

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Woo hoo! I’ve been a VERY bad blogger and have not posted in quite a while, but I’m back with GREAT news. I’m happy to announce that there will be a fun book launch for my new picture book, NEVER LET YOU GO. The launch takes place Sunday Oct 27th, at the wonderful Redfish Bluefish Creative Cafe. The event goes from 2:30-5:00pm. There will be crafts & cake! And me! Hope to see you there!

Oh, and I will only be taking cash & cheques, but the price of the book is an easy $8.00. Makes a great Christmas gift, folks!

Cover Connections


I had to share this. Recently I noticed that the typeface for my new picture book, NEVER LET YOU GO, was very similar to the typeface of the cartoon book I did a few years ago, YOU’RE MY GUY BECAUSE. Now upon close inspection I can see that they are slightly different – the type for YOU’RE MY GUY BECAUSE is narrower and stretched out, but I suspect they come from the same typeface family, Mirielle.

So how cool is that? Two different designers pick very similar typefaces for my book covers. What does this mean? Well, I’d like to think that it means both designers were insightful enough to connect the right kind of type with the ‘heart’ of the book. Here’s a description of Mirielle: Mirielle is curvy yet angular at the same time. Whimsical yet orderly. As with all Typadelic fonts, this script typeface is unique and original, with a playful twist.

I’d like to think of myself as ‘whimsical yet orderly’. Heh.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


If at all possible, find a bunny to hug today. Photo courtesy of Abigail.

I Heart TVO

I really do love TVOntario. We’ve only had rabbit ears for the past few years, so TVO has pretty much been the only channel worth watching. So what a thrill to get to be interviewed by Cheryl Jackson from TVOParents! On Sunday Sept 25th, I was one of the Word on the Street hosts at the Children’s Reading Tent, and then later on in the afternoon, I did this interview. Boy was I pooped at the end of the day. But what a fantabulous day it was!

If you’d like to see the full interview, click here. It’s about 10 minutes of hand-flapping fun.

Pirate Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Arrrr! Here I be, signing Pirate & Penguin books at the fun-filled piratey Victoria Day event. ‘Twas a glorious day, and I met lots of fine little friendly pirates.

New Digs!

Looky, looky! Yup, I gots me a brand spankin’ new web site. And along with that web site, I gots a new blog, too!

Kudos and thanks must go out to the wonderful and very patient Stuart Lawler, the designer of my new web site and proprietor of CreateMeThis. Hooray, Stuart!!

Now regarding the look of this blog, I’m no expert in WordPress, so it may take me some time to make it look a bit better, so please be patient. In the mean time, sit back, stay a while, have a cup of tea, and enjoy!

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