Oh, How I Love TVO!

I can’t believe how fortunate I am. Last week I got to speak on a TVOParents panel about children’s illustration with the fabulously talented author/illustrator Barbara Reid, and the charming and hilarious Sheila Barry, who is the president of the board at the Canadian Children’s Book Centre and is co-publisher at Groundwood Books. It was another wonderful experience with the very fine folks at TVOParents, made especially enjoyable because of their lovely host, Cheryl Jackson. You can see the video here.

Oh, and speaking of ‘O’s’ – a big fat congrats must go out to Barbara Reid for being named to the Order of Ontario!! Oh my!!

Yowza! Chirp on TV!

Yowza! What fantabulous news. Chirp is going to be on TV!! You can read all about it here. The animation company working with the CBC is called Yowza (awesome name!), and the company working on the development of Chirp apps and games is called Moonray Studios. I just hope all this fame doesn’t go to Chirp’s head. It’s big enough as it is, don’t ya think?

I Heart TVO

I really do love TVOntario. We’ve only had rabbit ears for the past few years, so TVO has pretty much been the only channel worth watching. So what a thrill to get to be interviewed by Cheryl Jackson from TVOParents! On Sunday Sept 25th, I was one of the Word on the Street hosts at the Children’s Reading Tent, and then later on in the afternoon, I did this interview. Boy was I pooped at the end of the day. But what a fantabulous day it was!

If you’d like to see the full interview, click here. It’s about 10 minutes of hand-flapping fun.

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