Kids Love to Draw !

When I do presentations and workshops for kids, I really love encouraging them to draw and create their own stories and characters. That’s how I entertained myself when I was a kid – I drew on every available piece of paper I could find, and I wrote tons of stories and comic strips. Naturally I was not thinking about how this was a good way for me to grow & develop my brain – I was just having fun! But now that I am an adult (sort of), I understand how important it is to nurture and develop the creative side of our children’s brains. Aside from the fact that we always need beautiful art to brighten up this world, our world needs more creative problem-solvers. What better way to develop a problem-solving brain than to write & draw? And of course, the world always needs humour. So every now and then I will post some of the many drawings I have collected over the years from all the funny and talented children I have met on my travels. Lucky me!